Who We Are

Alberni Valley Childcare Society is a registered charitable not for profit society, and licensed childcare organization that has been offering programs and services to meet individual childcare needs since 1971.


The Alberni Valley Childcare Society provides children living in the Alberni Valley with affordable, quality and developmentally appropriate early learning childcare in a supportive, inclusive, and safe environment.


The Alberni Valley Childcare Society exists to provide an inclusive environment where children can thrive and achieve their fullest potential, while being supported to ensure they are happy, healthy, and safe.


The Alberni Valley Childcare Society provides early learning childcare that is focused on:

  • Teamwork and cooperation: Working together to ensure recognition and accountability of the Society’s mission and vision.
  • Play: The importance of play is valued in the development of children.
  • Honesty: Being aware and respectful of the feelings, wishes and rights of all.
  • Respect: Everyone is included and treated with respect.
  • Kindness and compassion: Being friendly, generous, and considerate to all.
  • Fairness: Everyone is treated the same.
  • Inclusiveness: Commitment to fair and welcoming treatment of all.
  • Development: Children grow with the support of caregivers, families, and all others.
  • Sustainability: Meeting needs of the present and supporting and planning for the future.